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Ribaut Senior Village is located at 1224 Ribaut Road, Beaufort, SC 29902.  The property consists of 49 apartments in one 3-story elevator assisted building targeted to seniors.  100% of the units were designed, equipped and  to be occupied by older person(s) fifty-five years of age or older. 

Ribaut Senior Village is located in close proximity to a number of amenities including a grocery store, pharmacy, convenience store and a gas station, a restaurant, retail shopping, a doctor’s office, a bank, a bowling alley and a park.  We believe the location of Ribaut Senior Village offers this development the best of both worlds with regards to price reasonableness and proximity to amenities and services.

The property provides a spacious community room furnished with televisions, a leasing area, a computer center, gathering areas and a fitness center.

For further information on leasing, please use the contact information on the link below;

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