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Developed by LowCountry Housing Communities

Forrester Senior Village (“Forrester”) is a fifty unit apartment community designed for seniors (age 55 and older).  Forrester is located in Leesburg, GA at 197 Forrester Parkway.  Forrester provides its residents with numerous amenities, including a fitness center, a computer center, a large all-purpose community building for community events, a garden for our residents’ use, a picnic pavilion and a walking path that meanders through the open space of the property.  All units feature upgraded insulation (R15 walls/R-38 ceilings), energy star appliances and lighting as well as high-efficiency HVAC.  All units have solar water heaters that reduce tenant utility costs.  The clubhouse is powered by a photovoltaic system.


Furthermore, Forrester is a designated EarthCraft Community.

EarthCraft Communities offers holistic approaches to development for rural, suburban or urban projects. Through the EarthCraft certification process, communities enhance their health, livability, efficiency and overall market appeal. The EarthCraft Communities program addresses low impact development, site selection, land disturbance, water quality and quantity management, energy, transportation infrastructure, community design, green space preservation and more. In addition, all buildings within an EarthCraft Community must be certified through the EarthCraft House, Multifamily or Light Commercial programs. EarthCraft Communities program administrators perform site visits, facilitate conceptual design charrettes and provide each project green building trainings for residents, property managers, builders and/or realtors.


Sustainability is a large component in the operation of Forrester. This focus on sustainability will ensure that our residents live in an environment that is healthy for them, the surrounding community and the environment as a whole. Obtaining the EarthCraft Communities designation allows for third party inspections and verification to ensure the goal of sustainability is realized.


Forrester Senior Village is not only an asset to the seniors who reside with us, but also to Lee County as a whole. We are excited and honored to be a part of the Lee County community.

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