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Developed by LowCountry Housing Communities

Park Senior Village is a 50 unit senior housing development for those age fifty-five and older. The project is located in Leesburg, Lee County, Georgia at the intersection of Robert B. Lee Drive and Park Street, which is the commercial growth corridor of Leesburg and Lee County and a suburb of Albany. The development of Park Senior Village provides quality affordable housing to the residents of Lee County. There are a multitude of shopping and dining opportunities within two miles of Park Senior Village. The project completed construction in 2016.


Park Senior Village consists of six residential buildings and a community building. All of the residents have a ground level entry into their units. Furthermore, Park Senior Village has amenities geared towards an aging population, such as: a raised and fenced community garden that is ADA compliant, a community building with covered porch for community events, a fitness center with low impact exercise equipment appropriate for an aging population, a fully equipped computer center, and a centralized laundry facility.

In addition, Park Senior Village participated in the Earth Craft Multi-family program. This ensured that the property was developed in a sustainable manner and extends the useful life of the development beyond what would be expected without the Earth Craft Multi-family program. This furthermore ensures that the residents of Park Senior Village are afforded a more enjoyable and sustainable environment in which to live.

This is our second property in Lee County (the first is Forrester Senior Village). We are very excited about Park Senior Village and about providing safe, affordable quality housing to its citizens!

For further information on leasing, please use the contact information on the link below:

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